What is Zoom Whitening?

What is Zoom Whitening?

Our teeth are made of three parts; enamel, dentin, and pulp. Dentine, the second layer, determines the color of our teeth, and it is usually dark grey, brown or yellow. Although dentin tints with age, other factors like too much exposure to fluoride, use of antibiotics, trauma, and birth defects can also change the color.

Furthermore, several extrinsic factors such as stains from coffee, wine, smoking, and color can affect the enamel and cause discoloration.
With the diets and lifestyle, tooth discoloration is becoming inevitable, and almost everyone requires teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening is available in two options; at-home and in-office. At Timeless Dental we advocate for both, although the in-office, particularly, Zoom teeth whitening offers the best results.

What is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom whitening is a modern dental technology that removes stains in about an hour. The in-office procedure is performed by our qualified dentist to enhance success.

The technology uses hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and a Zoom light that allows the gel to penetrate deep to the enamel and remove the stains.

Similar to other whitening products, Zoom whitening is not recommended for all people. For instance, it is not ideal for children under 13 years old or pregnant and lactating mothers. It is therefore essential to have a dental assessment before you attempt any teeth whitening.

Zoom Whitening Vs. At-home Whitening

You may opt for at-home whitening kits because of the cost and convenience. However, buying over-the-counter whitening toothpaste and other products may do you more harm than good.

At-home whitening products either contain little hydrogen peroxide or a lot of it. So, they will either not be effective in removing the stains, or will cause tooth and gum sensitivity.

Zoom in-house treatment, on the other hand, is effective and takes a very short time.

We do provide at-home whitening kits, but they are custom-fit to suit your needs and have been inspected by the dentist to be safe.

The Whitening Procedure

Before our dentist in 77381 performs the Zoom whitening, they will do a comprehensive dental assessment to check the state of the gums and teeth.
Mostly, teeth whitening is done to remove the stain on your teeth. However, it may also be performed if you are scheduled for cosmetic dental treatments such as bonding or veneers (once they are fixed, you can’t whiten or change the color)

Zoom whitening procedure takes around one hour with three 15-minute sessions but can take longer if a regular teeth whitening can be done before the actual treatment. The dentist will apply a protective gel on the lips and gums. A hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied on the teeth and left for 15 minutes while the Zoom light is activated. It is washed off, and the process repeated.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Zoom teeth whitening is ideally a painless procedure. However, you may experience tooth sensitivity during and after the procedure. A sensitivity-reducing fluoride gel is applied to reduce the pain. Additionally, the Zoom light might produce minimal heat causing discomfort.

Some people may also experience gag reflux or anxiety. So, it is important to talk to the dentist if you suffer from anxiety or a strong gag reflex. They may recommend an alternative treatment option.


Our dentist will give you a Zoom home-use kit that contains custom-fit whitening trays to help maintain the color at home.

Furthermore, you need to also avoid or consume in moderation certain foods like coffee, wine, tea, cola and tobacco as they may stain your teeth again.

Maintain proper dental hygiene and have regular dental checkups. The dentist may also suggest whitening toothpaste.

The Timeless Dental Difference

Besides offering Zoom whitening in Shenandoah, we offer a variety of dental treatments from cosmetic dentistry to periodontal treatments. We also use modern technology to assess and treat various dental problems. Our Computer-Aided Design technology allows us to create dental crowns and other cosmetic dental products in days. We also use digital scans to take your dental impressions.

Are you ready for a dental transformation? Call us today to schedule a dental checkup.