The Miracle of Bone Grafting

The Miracle of Bone Grafting

Sometimes there is weakness in bone of your jaw which may disturb the overall dental health. In such cases, Bone grafting may act as a miracle. With grafting, set of bones get right strength for right teeth growth. With just enough strength to bone material, it can strengthen weak spots in your jaw and thus bone grafting is important. Dentist at 77381 helps graft bone easily.

Why would I ever need this?

If you are unhappy about hole in your mouth and wish to obtain shiny new tooth by filling the gap, dental implant may help. For such techniques bone, strength is important thus bone grafting may be required. This can provide strong support for procedures like an implant. Whether you have periodontal disease or when jaw bone is too weak, you must choose to opt for Bone grafting first with a dentist at Shenandoah.

How does it work?

When experienced Shenandoah dentist performs Bone grafting, better results can be ensured. It is a process in which little bone material can be taken from another site of your body and then placed it where it is required. The healthy bone than combines with weak bone & encourages the growth of bone in the affected site. This can enable the process of rebuilding

There are a few ways to do this:

Dentist at Shenandoah tx can perform bone grafting in three ways:

  • Autogenous bone graft: In this procedure, bone is removed from one site to be transplanted to the area where needed.
  • Allograft: In this procedure, Synthetic bone is used which is prepared and grown in a lab. This is a safe & proven procedure.
  • Xenograft: In this procedure, cow bone is used.

Bone grafting is the procedure required when there is no strength of bone for other procedures. Dentist near you can help you know which bone grafting procedure can help you.

When you need to know about bone grafting you must search for a dentist near me to know more about it.