Zoom Whitening in Shenandoah, TX

Have you been looking at your teeth in photographs and wishing they were brighter? With Zoom! Whitening technology at Timeless Dental, you can have the best-looking teeth in The Woodlands, TX. Zoom! takes under an hour and can whiten your teeth significantly. It uses concentrated bleaching agents along with the Zoom! light to accelerate the whitening process and allow bleach to penetrate deep into the enamel.

How Zoom! Works

Zoom! produces the best results when it is performed after a routine teeth cleaning to get rid of plaque and other bacteria in the mouth. The whitening gel breaks up stains along with discoloration in teeth when it is activated by the Zoom! light. While the entire procedure takes about an hour, each whitening session in the procedure takes 15 minutes.

The gel will be applied along with the light, and each will sit on teeth for 15 minutes at a time. The gel will then be washed off and then reapplied two more times, totaling three 15-minute sessions. Patients that get anxiety in the dental office may find the entire procedure difficult to get through. This may also be the case for patients with a sensitive gag reflex. However, once the procedure is over a paste will be applied that reduces the sensitivity of teeth post-procedure.

Maintaining Teeth

Zoom! provides patients with a kit to touch-up their smile. It includes whitening trays that are custom-fitted to teeth to help the whitening effects of the treatment be maintained. Your Timeless Dental dentist will provide instructions on how to properly use the kit to avoid irritation. You may be advised to avoid dark liquids like coffee and wine. You may also need to stay away from tobacco products, as these stain teeth over time. It is important to brush teeth regularly and floss to keep oral hygiene good.

Your Timeless Dental professional will provide you with the information you need to whiten your teeth at home after a Zoom! kit has been used in the office. Speak with our dentist for an examination of your teeth and to get knowledge about what your whitening options are.

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