Dentures & Partials in Shenandoah, TX

If you are looking for a solution to missing teeth, at Timeless Dental in The Woodlands, we offer the best dentures and partials. Dentures and partials are replacements for missing oral tissue and teeth. The artificial teeth are embedded into a base of gum colored material that fits over a person’s natural gums. They help a person speak and eat correctly. When a person has lost all their teeth, a complete denture is called for. If they’ve lost some but not all their teeth, a partial is in order. Partials are simply that: “partial” dentures; they don’t replace an entire upper or lower set of teeth.

Partials vs. Dentures

Partials and complete dentures take care of the same issues. They allow you to speak clearly and eat comfortably. They improve your appearance by filling out cheek and jawlines, and they prevent the “hollowed-out” look that sometimes develops when teeth are missing.

Complete Dentures

Timeless Dental in The Woodlands recommends complete (full dentures) dentures if you have no natural teeth remaining. Immediate complete dentures are made before any natural teeth are removed. They’re ready to wear right after all-natural teeth have been removed. The drawback to immediate dentures is their fit, which will become poor over time. Gums and bone tissue are swollen after multiple tooth extractions and will shrink over the next several weeks to a month. This degree of shrinkage requires.

Partial Dentures

Partials have some similarity to dental bridges. The biggest difference is that partial dentures are removable by the wearer, whereas dental bridges are not. If a potential denture wearer still has natural teeth that are in favorable positions, e.g., a natural tooth on each side of a gap, partials are the denture of choice. These teeth are joined with a metal frame that attaches to each natural tooth. The natural tooth provides stability and anchoring to keep the partial steady. in order to bridge the gap between natural teeth.

Dentures require good oral hygiene. Brush them daily with a soft-bristled brush. Don’t sleep in your dentures. Instead, keep them in their container or a cup of warm—never hot—water. Dentures can break, but fortunately can also by mended right here at Timeless Dental in The Woodlands.

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