Improve Your Brushing and Flossing with These Tips

Improve Your Brushing and Flossing with These Tips

When it comes to your smile, you probably want it to be as beautiful, healthy and perfect as possible right? Well a great place to start is with your at home dental care routine! While everyone has heard about how important daily dental care is, many patients don’t exactly understand what that means. Today, Shenandoah dentist from Timeless Dental will cover the tips to improve your brushing and flossing hoping you learn something new.

What toothbrush Should i use?

At Timeless Dental the dentist 77381 always recommend that our patients use a soft-bristled toothbrush that can reach every area in the mouth. While hard bristles may seem like a good idea, they can actually cause damage to the enamel of your teeth.

How Often Should i Brush?

At Timeless Dental we recommend brushing a minimum of twice a day, more would honestly be preferable. When you eat or drink, the bacteria in your mouth actually produce acid, creating plaque on the teeth, leading to decay. Following anything besides water, we recommend swishing your mouth at least to remove debris.

How Often Should i Floss?

You should floss at least once a day to ensure that any debris, plaque or tartar between your pearly whites has been removed. Even the smallest amounts of bacteria and plaque can increase your risk of complications. A water flosser can be a great investment as well, making it easier to clean in between teeth.

How Often Should i Replace My Toothbrush?

We recommend that patient’s replace their toothbrush every 3 months. However, if you or a loved one have recently been sick or notice your toothbrush appears worn, frayed or damaged, you should replace it immediately.

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Along with proper at-home dental care, professional care is also an essential part of having optimal oral health. The dentist in Shenandoah, TX recommend routine, preventive dental care visits at least twice a year. Contact Timeless Dental today to get yourself added to our schedule, we are always welcoming new patients and would be happy to treat you and your smile. We look forward to meeting you!