Timeless Dental Answers Your FAQ’s in The Woodlands

How often should I visit a dentist?

We recommend that most people visit their dentist for a regular hygiene visit twice a year, spacing the appointments about once every six months. But there are exceptions if you have gum disease or a history of gum disease – more frequent visits may be required to assure maximum oral health. Another reason you may need to visit us more frequently is if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Are dental x-rays safe?

Dental x-rays at Timeless Dental are very safe. A routine examination with four bitewing x-rays exposes you to roughly the same amount of radiation you would experience during one to two hours on an airplane.

Can you help explain what cavities are?

While everyone knows that cavities are bad, a surprising amount of people in The Woodlands don’t know exactly what cavities are. A cavity is simply a small hole in the tooth that has developed as a result of tooth decay. Over time, the decay eats away at the tooth and results in a space (otherwise known as a cavity) within the tooth that disrupts its structure. Because cavities grow larger over time, it’s important to get them repaired as quickly as possible.

What’s is the best way to whiten my teeth?

The fastest and most effective way to whiten teeth is typically achieved through an in-office professional whitening procedure. While there are over-the-counter options available for teeth whitening, we use a higher dose of chemicals at Timeless Dental than most at-home whiteners allow. Another advantage to letting our office perform your teeth whitening procedure is that should something go wrong or you’re not getting maximum results, we’re right here to make sure you get the best smile possible.

What are implants used for?

Since missing teeth can create problems such as an improper alignment for the surrounding area, an implant is used to fill the space. They are also used if a tooth needs to be removed because it’s become too sick to treat. If multiple teeth are missing, a bridge may be used to replace them at the same time.

Do you have more questions?

Timeless Dental in The Woodlands is a multi-specialty practice that can answer any questions you may have about your oral health. Contact us today!