ClearCorrect Teeth Aligners

ClearCorrect Teeth Aligners

ClearCorrect is teeth aligners similar to Invisalign®. They are used in the realignment of malpositioned teeth. In orthodontics, different types of teeth aligners can be used, including traditional braces. However, for adults, the traditional braces are not an enticing solution because of how conspicuous they are. Thankfully, with ClearCorrect in Shenandoah, TX, you can enjoy an invisible dental treatment that is both effective and cosmetically appealing.

Understanding ClearCorrect Treatment

If your dentist recommends ClearCorrect teeth aligners, then there are some things you have to know. Other than the apparent reason that the aligners are invisible, there is more to the treatment. For one, the treatments can be offered in three different ways, as follows:

  • 1. Unlimited pack – the dentist will recommend several sets of clear teeth aligners to complete the treatment. The number of aligners is limited to the duration of your treatment. Ideally, the longer your teeth take to shift, the more aligners you will need.
  • 2. Limited 12 – the dentist will provide you with 12 sets of clear aligners. The aligners will be used tactfully throughout the treatment to achieve the set goals.
  • 3. Limited 6 – you will be provided with a set of 6 invisible dental aligners for your treatment.

For the treatment to be successful, the ClearCorrect teeth aligners have to be worn consistently through different phases. Depending on the different packages aligners set apart for your treatment, the duration you have a pair of clear aligners will differ. The significant changes in the realignment of your teeth, however, may only start to show in the second or third phase of your treatment.

Why Choose ClearCorrect Teeth Aligners?

ClearCorrect is a credible brand of invisible aligners just like Invisalign. The uniqueness of ClearCorrect at Shenandoah, TX is offering convenient dental care to adults who would rather not share with the world about their dental history. Ideally, there are some underlying benefits of ClearCorrect treatment near you over traditional forms of braces and teeth aligners. Some of the outweigh benefits include:

  • 1. Cosmetic advantage – it is not every day that you come across a dental solution that is sensitive about your cosmetic appearance from the word go. Going through orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect aligners is convenient because it still allows you to show off your smile even while going through treatment. The best part is that people will witness the gradual transformation of your smile, without necessarily being aware of your treatment.
  • 2. Gradual teeth movement – the teeth aligners work by moving your teeth gradually to the correct position on the jawbone. Ideally, they can be used to correct a single tooth or multiple teeth.
  • 3. Systematic adjustment – you do not require abrupt visits to the dental clinic to adjust the fit of your invisible aligners. With ClearCorrect, the systematic adjustment happens when you change from one tray of aligners to the other. This way, you will find that the new set of clear aligners is tighter than the previous one.
  • 4. Food choice – the freedom of choice when it comes to what it can be limited in orthodontics. Luckily, invisible aligners are different from traditional braces. Since they are removable, they allow you to eat anything you want. You can chew on hard foods without compromising the success and effectiveness of your treatment. All you need is to ensure you put the aligners back on after brushing your teeth.

Who Can Benefit From ClearCorrect Teeth Aligners?

Teeth aligners are meant for people of all ages. However, it is upon a dentist to determine the most appropriate appliance to correct the situation at hand. When it comes to adults, invisible aligners are preferred because of their cosmetic advantage throughout the period. Other than that categorization of people, several other patients can benefit from this treatment. This includes patients with the following conditions:

  • 1. Spacing between teeth – gaps that are not caused by loss of teeth can be corrected with orthodontic appliances. Invisible aligners can be worn over such teeth to close the gap and improve appearance.
  • 2. Crowded mouth – sometimes teeth are too big for the mouth. The malpositioning can also cause crowding of teeth.
  • 3. Improper bites – an overbite or underbite can also be corrected with ClearCorrect teeth aligners.
  • 4. Crooked teeth – when teeth grow in the wrong direction they look turned or rotated.