5 Facts About Dental Crowns

5 Facts About Dental Crowns

Sometimes despite our best efforts our teeth lose some of that natural luster and strength. Time wears away mountains so it makes sense that it wears at your teeth too. When teeth become too badly damaged or decayed to continue, crowns can be a great way to help restore your grin to its proper glory.

Crowns are basically caps for your teeth that help cover up teeth that are no longer quite useable. Find a dentist near you in the 77381 area who can help you restore your smile.

Let’s go over some of the ways they can be useful.

1. Dental Crowns Preserve Natural Teeth

It isn’t always possible to save your teeth when they’ve been too badly damaged. This can be due to an infection or even an accident. The dentist’s ultimate duty is to save your natural teeth if they can, so a porcelain crown can help keep your tooth intact and useable.

2. Dental Crowns Restore Missing Teeth

Teeth aren’t salvageable in many cases and have to be removed. A dental crown can be implanted into the gums to fill the space of the missing tooth and keep the other teeth from shifting. Your local Shenandoah dentist should be able to magic this up for you.

3. Dental Crowns Restore Teeth Aesthetically

Teeth become discolored easily, so a crown can be used to cover teeth with stains that are resistant to whitening. This can keep your smile bright and clean.

4. Dental Crowns are Custom-Made

Making crowns is a dedicated process. A good Shenandoah Texas dentist won’t just put any crown in your mouth; they will take a mold of all of your teeth and have one designed specifically for you. Then the crown will be bonded to your tooth to make sure it is a perfect match.

5. Dental Crowns Replace Large Fillings

Fillings can be a quick and easy way to save a tooth from decay, but over time it is possible for them to fall out. When that happens it may be time to get a crown for that tooth to make sure that tooth is strongly protected.